“Advertising that doesn't look like advertising”

Here you have the new generation of Display Advertising, a revolution in In-Image Advertising.

Smart Ads

Website visitors can interact with the photos and buy the exact product that appears in the image.

Higher revenues

  • Higher website monetization.
  • Higher CTR.
  • OAL - Offline Active Leads.

More interactivity

  • Solution to Adblockers.
  • Non-intrusive Integrated Advertising.
  • Engagement and Brand Experience improvement.

More opportunities

  • High-Quality Official Photos.
  • Free large image bank.
  • Complete integration in any type of format and context.

How do we do it?

W-Seight, the Artificial Intelligence technology developed by Wossel, searches, identifies, classifies and links million of products around the world to photos to increase the revenues of agencies and advertisers.

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Offsite Active Leads

Publishers and advertisers can increase their revenues even if potential consumer doesn't buy anything at that moment.

What are we offering?

To agencies, media and fashion brands.


  • Qualified Leads

    Thanks to In-Image advertising technology of Wossel.

    It enables the integration of smart photos in every process of the conversion funnel in a non-intrusive way, ensuring a maximum effectiveness of the strategy.

  • Positive User Experience

    The implication of the customer is much more direct, adapted and fluent.

    The experience with the content avoids an advertising confrontation so customer disposition increases up to 35%. Likewise, Wossel technology is not conditioned by Adblockers.

  • OAL, the latent revenue

    Offsite Active Leads.

    Is the system that let publishers increase their revenues even if potential consumer doesn't buy anything at that very moment.


  • Automated empathetic analysis

    Wossel knows the particular products in which the potential consumer is interested in.

    In this way, W-Seight Artificial Intelligence sends notifications according to these interests.

  • Brand safety reseller control

    Wossel guarantees a maximum level of security for the brand with strict internal policies.

    We ensure that the brand image doesn’t appear in sites that are incompatible with its editorial line.

  • Geo Stock

    We avoid the frustration of seeing something that consumers can’t buy.

    Publishers publish Smart Ads with available products in the country of the potential consumer.

How it works?

Publishers only have to do a search in Wossel and select the images that they need for their content.

Shall we talk?

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